Things to tickle the funny bone.


Friday Funny — Amazon is Coming to Mbarara!

They’ve been putting up a building in town for the last several months. We’ve watched the progress with interest and much speculation about what the building would house.

They hung the sign on the building this week. Guess what? It’s the Amazon Building! Amazon is coming to Mbarara!


IMG 5224

We’re not getting our hopes up that it’s THE Amazon coming to Africa. That would be nice, but not very likely.

(Don’t you love the scaffolding on the side of that thing? Sitting on the balcony, no cross supports to speak of. The men at the top are standing 50+ feet in the air on a couple boards. That’s it. Yep, no OSHA here!)


Friday Funny – Can You Hear Me Now?

We followed this lorry full of chairs from a party and noticed there was a man perched on top of it all. He talked away on his cell phone, never noticing that at times his head barely cleared the power lines over the road.

Do you think he was trying for a better signal?

IMG 4483

“Can you hear me now?”

IMG 4480


Friday Funny – Garlic Shampoo

When I wash my hair, I like to come away smelling like freshly minced garlic, don’t you?

Guaranteed to keep the vampires away – or your money back!

IMG 5766

(Actual shampoo/conditioner for sale at a local grocery store.)


Friday Funny – Lost in Translation

2012 07 08 12 00 46

A few years ago my best friend, Rachel Miller, and a friend of hers named Laura came to visit us here in Uganda. They got to see where we live and our churches. We loved having them here!

The Sunday they attended services with us, I wanted to introduce them to our church people. I knew I could say “This is my friend, Rachel.” Except I wasn’t 100% sure of the word for “friend” in Runyankore.

You see, “friend” is omwani and “husband” is omwami. One letter difference. And I couldn’t remember which was which.

Was she my omwami? Or my omwani?



I thought for a long time and finally, unable remember, I copped out and introduced her in English and let the translator say it.

Good thing, too! I’d almost introduced her as “my husband, Rachel.”

Let’s just say that one has been easier to remember since then. 😀


Friday Funny – San Diego Driving School

IMG 3972

In order to get a driver’s license in Uganda, you have to attend driving school. Consequently, our town has quite a few driving schools. They drive in circles on the roads near our house because there isn’t much vehicle traffic there (well, there is once you get the cars from four or five driving schools going in circles), there isn’t as much pedestrian traffic, and it’s one of the only paved roads like this in the city.

A new driving school started recently, the San Diego Driving School of Mbarara. The name struck me funny, maybe because it sounds like the title of a Alexander McCall Smith book.

If I had to learn to drive from a California driver, I’d prefer they drove like those in San Diego and not like Los Angeles drivers. 😉 So maybe the name is a good choice.


Friday Funny — Can You See the Gorilla in the Tree?

Not long after we moved into our house here in Uganda, I came upon Elizabeth and Gaelin seated on the front porch steps staring off into the distance, not moving, not talking. Half an hour went by, then an hour. There they sat, not moving, not talking.

Curious, I sat down beside them and asked what they were watching. They shushed me the minute I opened my mouth.

“Don’t talk, Mom! We’re watching the gorilla in that tree over there to see if he’ll move. We think he’s sleeping.”

I stared into the distance and noticed the palm tree they were watching with such intensity. You can see it in the above photo, through the branches of the trees in our yard. A large piece of bark and leaves formed together to make it look like a silverback gorilla was hugging the tree, unmoving. At least it looked like that to 7 and 9 year old children with active imaginations.

It reminded us of this Farside comic we saw once:

So I ask — Can you see the gorilla in the tree? 😀

(Uganda does have silverback gorillas about 2 hours from where we live. It cost $500+ per person to go see them and they don’t allow anyone under 16 into the protected lands where they are. We’ve never gone, for obvious reasons. 😉 )


Friday Funny – Who Wants Tingly Chips?

We used to be able to get these chips here (I haven’t seen them since we’ve been back).

Oh, the mental picture these illicit! That said, I’m not sure I really want chips that tingle or bang? Do you?

2015 11 11 17 04 28

2015 11 11 17 04 54


Friday Funny – Teal’c vs. The Tree

We had workmen in our yard repairing our dog pen which left us with a quandary: How would we restrain the very guard dog whose pen they were repairing? Teal’c was a great guard dog. Any stranger in the yard was fair game. You could not claim his bark was worse than his bite. He did not bark.

The only solution we had was to chain him to the tree by his collar. He had shade. He had water. The kids went out and played with him now and then.

I think he thought he could pull over the tree and get loose. He really wanted to get loose.

He started out standing up and pulling against the tree, but eventually got tired and sat down. He sat this way for the better part of the afternoon, dare I say, doggedly trying to pull the tree over. We tried distraction. We tried redirection. Nothing worked. 

2011 02 23 09 37 19

(I hesitated to post this picture for fear of accusations of animal cruelty. That was not the case whatsoever. He really was that stubborn and tenacious. He’s the dog that figured out how to open the gate and let himself out of the dog pen – thus the need to make repairs on the pen. He then figured out how to open that gate. We finally installed a full-sized door with a latch he couldn’t reach and stopped our escape artist in his tracks.)


Friday Funny

Last year, the kids decided they all needed to pose as the Egyptians they’d seen in the hieroglyphs in the Cairo Museum. Goofy kids! They were brave letting me document it for future generations. (Brennah was just trying to keep the wind and her hair out of her eyes!

IMG 1374


Friday Funny

I’m pretty sure this is not why I eat. 😀

2016 01 15 15 04 50

This little restaurant was tucked back between High Street and Mackansigh Street in our town. I never ate there but we occasionally bought aloe vera juice from them. They sold the same food as all the other restaurants in town but with things like fruit smoothies and salad on the menu as well.