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Friday Funny — Amazon is Coming to Mbarara!

They’ve been putting up a building in town for the last several months. We’ve watched the progress with interest and much speculation about what the building would house. They hung the sign on the building this week. Guess what? It’s the Amazon Building! Amazon is coming to Mbarara! 😉 We’re not getting our hopes up […]

A Dedication at Ngarama

We’d been planning for the dedication at Ngarama for weeks. Folks from the church passed out 500 invitations to the community. They insisted 500 people would show up. That made me nervous. I couldn’t imagine 500 people crammed onto the land there by the church. We planned for a simple service: a chance to greet […]

What Sugar Cane Taught Me About Love

A couple weeks ago, we attended the 25th Anniversary celebration of some friends of ours here. They had a pastor from another town come and preach. His message was fantastic. I learned something new that day: The oldest part of the sugar cane is the sweetest. This fact made me consider: Have I gotten sweeter, […]

In Pursuit of Pork Products

What would you do if you walked into the kitchen and discovered your husband had left one of these on the counter? 😉  In reality, getting a pig takes planning and forethought. It’s a huge, two day process and involves giving up most of my refrigerator space. We start planning for it a couple weeks […]

A Micro Library at Ngarama

The building at Ngarama is completely finished, including a fresh coat of paint and the name of the church on its side. It boasts its own baptistry and a fancy new toilet with two stalls for women and two for men.  A couple years ago we shipped a container full of books we’d collected from […]

What 10 Eggs Taught Me About Gratefulness

We bought our Thanksgiving Turkey from a man who attends the church in Sangano. We didn’t intend to buy a turkey when we left for church that morning so we hadn’t come prepared to carry it home with us. Now, I know how to butcher a turkey. I didn’t know how when we got to […]