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Exciting Progress!

  Remember when the church at Ngarama looked like this? We didn’t know how it would ever be repaired but we knew God is able to answer prayer. Our church people prayed. We prayed. God provided for the repair.   A couple weeks ago it looked like this:     It was progress but we […]


Our Favorite Pies

Thanksgiving wouldn’t feel right without pies. Growing up, we’d bake as many as 15 pies for the holiday. Whenever my dad would remind us that this was almost 2 pies each, we’d stop to consider this fact and then keep baking anyway. We’d have leftovers for a week. I don’t make that many pies anymore. […]


How’s Africa? – Turkey!

Let me introduce you to our Thanksgiving turkey. No, he didn’t have a name. We didn’t know him long enough to give him one.  James mentioned to one of our national pastors, Zizi, that we were interested in buying a turkey or two. Zizi knew of a man in the church who had two for […]


A few weeks ago, when we were at Ngarama, sitting in the sun because the roof was off, I encouraged the children to pray for God’s provision for their church building. Many of the adults were already there for church so they heard me too. I had Theogene read this verse to them:  Then I […]


Novel Planning – Part 7 – Draft Zero

The final novel planning method we’re going to look at is called Draft Zero or Zero Draft. This is the draft that comes before your first draft. (Here is another downloadable document that tells about it.) It’s one step beyond “pantsing” your first draft. (Pantsing means writing your novel with little to no planning whatsoever. […]


How’s Africa? – Load Shedding

You’re sitting in your living room on a Friday night watching a movie as a family. The power blinks. You realize town power has gone off and your house is now running on the back-up battery power. You look at the clock. It’s 7 PM. You know it’s probably load shedding and the power will […]


Why I Do NaNoWriMo Every Year

NaNoWriMo has started this year! I love NaNoWriMo and look forward to it every year. I talked about my history with NaNoWriMo in a blog post last year. This year some of my children are participating with me. I’ve read articles recently criticizing NaNoWriMo. There seems to be a lot of misunderstanding about this event. […]

Tales from the Refugee Camp

The following is a true story. The Nakivale Refugee Settlement is near Lake Nakivale and named for the lake. It has been in existence for decades with the first refugees coming from Kenya, Rwanda, and Congo – then Zaire. In a 1960s experiment, anacondas were brought from Brazil to Lake Nakivale.  The snakes have grown […]


Novel Planning – Part 6 – The Freytag Model

The next novel planning method I’m sharing with you is called the Dramatic Structure or The Freytag Model/Pyramid, named for Gustav Freytag who first described it using ancient Greek and Shakespearean dramas. This is the primary method I’ve used to teach novel planning. Another variety of this is The Story Spine. The Freytag Model uses […]