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When One of Those Days Turns Into One of Those Weeks

Missionaries deal with stress in their chosen field on a daily basis. Most times it’s small things that add up, though sometimes we face huge stressors and have to deal with them without the normal coping mechanisms set up in our culture. This blog post talks about it in more depth than I’m going to […]

Receiving the Word With Joy, Even in Affliction

I read this verse today and thought of our church people when I read it.  Paul had been in Philippi. While there, he was arrested, beaten, and thrown in jail. He and Silas sang in jail and God opened their bonds. Their jailer and his whole family were saved as a result.  He then traveled […]

A Telltale Love

It’s pretty simple, really. We, as Christians, have been commanded to reach the world with the Gospel. The trouble comes when people in the world don’t really want to hear it, right? But what if you never even had to open your mouth and people knew you were a follower of Jesus? Could it possibly […]

6 Ways You Can Help Refugees Where You Live

Every major urban center in the United States has a significant immigrant population. The uttermost part of the world has, very literally, been brought to America’s doorstep. You, dear reader, can’t necessarily go to another country to minister to people there, but you could minister to the other countries that have been brought to your […]

Get Them While They’re Young

The children at Kabazana sit in the front of the church instead of the back. This morning these two little ones were so cute, in their own little world, talking and whispering to each other and ignoring the service. We’re working toward restarting their Sunday School. The lady who used to teach it emigrated to […]

6 Things You Might Not Know About Refugees

Refugees and immigration have been front and center in people’s minds the last couple years. When we were on our first furlough and mentioned our work in a refugee camp, we were met with blank stares or questioning looks. Few people knew much about refugees. That had completely changed for our second furlough. Now, when […]

Open Air Service

The Ngarama church has been meeting in their church building even if they don’t have a roof on it. Theogen texted us Friday night to inform us that it was storming out there. Another section of the roof came off, not a huge one, thankfully, but now they have less than half a roof. We […]