Exciting Progress!

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Remember when the church at Ngarama looked like this? We didn’t know how it would ever be repaired but we knew God is able to answer prayer. Our church people prayed. We prayed. God provided for the repair.
A couple weeks ago it looked like this:
IMG 2735
It was progress but we were still sitting outside for church.
We arrived this Sunday and it looked like this:
IMG 4522
There is the church that God built! The church thrummed with excitement about the new building.
We had to take advantage of the weather and get a picture of the church people in front of the building.
There is still a little work to do on the inside and some landscaping and cement that needs to be finished on the outside. They are busily building the toilet now that the building is almost done.
Elizabeth told me she wanted to learn how to teach the children in Sunday School so she worked hard to get the lesson ready for this week. She did a very good job, much better than I did my first time teaching children when I was her age! 
IMG 4525
Most of the adults were already there so they heard her teach, too. Everyone listened in rapt attention. She taught again at Isanja to a packed house.
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