A few weeks ago, when we were at Ngarama, sitting in the sun because the roof was off, I encouraged the children to pray for God’s provision for their church building. Many of the adults were already there for church so they heard me too.

I had Theogene read this verse to them: 

John15 7 001

Then I asked the children, “How many of you will pray for God to provide for your church to be fixed?”

All of the children and adults raised their hands. Some raised both hands. 😀

Guess what? God did just as He promised he would do. He provided for the church to be fixed!

More and more I’m coming to the conclusion that God is waiting to answer the prayers of our church people. He wants them to see that their provision comes from Him. It might come through us, but we are merely a vessel, a conduit of His blessings. We can’t do anything without Him, but as we abide in Him, He uses us. 

All I know, is that we’d been asking for God to provide for this need for months. He waited until our church folks saw the need for what it was and asked Him for it. Then he provided for them.

James contacted the engineer so he could get started. They’ve been working on the building for a couple weeks now. Last Sunday we stopped by the church for pictures on our way home from Sangano. They’d taken down the walls that were broken, and torn up the cement floor so it could be replaced. Loads of construction materials had been brought to the church and dropped off.

IMG 4451

IMG 4453

IMG 4455

They’d hoped to have the roof on by this week, but didn’t quite get that far. The church folks had to sit out in the sun for one more Sunday. 

The walls are all built and the trusses have been delivered. They have the openings ready for the metal doors and windows.

IMG 2732

IMG 2735

IMG 2738

It should be finished by the beginning of December. No one minded sitting in the sun today. They are excited and proud of how good it looks. The engineer has hired people from the church to help with the work. Their hands are helping build their church. 

The best part is, they know that God answered when they asked.

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