A Telltale Love

John13 34 35

It’s pretty simple, really. We, as Christians, have been commanded to reach the world with the Gospel. The trouble comes when people in the world don’t really want to hear it, right?

But what if you never even had to open your mouth and people knew you were a follower of Jesus? Could it possibly be that simple?

Why yes. Yes it can.

During his earthly ministry, Jesus showed love and compassion to all those around him. He healed their sicknesses. He raised their dead. He fed them. He taught them. He ate with them. He forgave their sins. He met the needs of their hearts.

He loved them.

If we are Jesus’ disciples and we desire to be like Him, we must follow this example that He gave. It’s Jesus desire, His command, that we do it.

A verse from my favorite hymn says:

May his beauty rest upon me as I seek the lost to win.

And may they forget the channel, seeing only Him.

When others see you, who do they really see? Can they tell you are Jesus’ disciple by how you act, by how you treat others? 

No matter how simple it sounds, it’s a daily challenge, at least it is for me. It calls us to lay apart our own reactions, the things that spring first to our mind and mouth (I can be so snarky and hurtful with my words!). It calls us to ignore someone’s hurtful or rude words. We have to lay that aside and respond in a way that is contrary to our nature — with compassion, grace, and love.

It might be simple, but it isn’t easy, at least not for me. 

This is the way, the only way, people will know we are disciples of Jesus Christ. “Actions speak louder than words” so the saying goes and in this case it is true. Jesus said it several times in this passage and the same is repeated throughout the epistles.

Do your actions show your love for Jesus? They must! It’s the only true way people will know you are his disciple.

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