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The Ngarama church has been meeting in their church building even if they don’t have a roof on it. Theogen texted us Friday night to inform us that it was storming out there. Another section of the roof came off, not a huge one, thankfully, but now they have less than half a roof.

We held Sunday School before the sun got too high in the sky.

IMG 4310

By the service, however, the sun was beating down on the ladies’ side of the church. That didn’t stop the ladies from coming. The church was full and we could have used more seating!

IMG 4312

And the tiny children all sat on their reed mat in the back (our version of a church nursery).

IMG 4313

We encouraged the people to pray for God to provide for them. So many times, people here think their provision comes from NGOs or missionaries. They need to see their provision comes from God. So we asked them to pray.

Monday morning we got up and found out that God had already provided part of what was needed for the repair. It’s a small part, but it’s just the beginning!

One more blessing was to look out of the church and see this view:

IMG 4314

Hills that were brown and dry only a month ago are turning green. The banana trees are coming back and the crop of corn and beans is springing up from the soil. Thank you to everyone who has been praying for rain! Keep it up! God is answering your prayer, too!

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    • Anna Huckabee
      Anna Huckabee says:

      The best part is to be able to go back to the people and say “God answered *your* prayer.” I think God wants our folks to see Him work mightily on their behalf when they asked Him to work.


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