Some Thoughts on The Insanity of God

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I first heard about The Insanity of God a year ago. After the third person asked me if I’d read it, I decided I needed to check it out.

It was not what I was expecting at all but not in a bad way. I’d expected a devotional type book. What I read was one man’s journey to understand God’s working in the world around him. He shared his struggles and how the persecuted church around the world helped him through these.

When I finished, I needed a couple weeks to process what I’d read. 

It’s a struggle we all go through, especially when we look at the world around us.

We doubt God when we see others do evil things, and it appears He does nothing about it and doesn’t care.

We doubt God when we ask Him for things, just as He commands us to do, but then we never see the answer to that prayer.

We doubt God when bad things happen to us, things that make no sense, things we know He could have prevented.

We doubt God when other believers mistreat us or our friends and loved ones.

We doubt God because we cannot see the world as He sees it.

We doubt God because we put him in a “box” and expect Him to work a certain way, then we are upset or disappointed when He doesn’t.

I’ve struggled with these issues in my own life.

God hasn’t changed. He is still the God of the Bible. He is still working in lives today. He doesn’t need us to do His work. He can do it without us. But he chooses to use frail, sinful human beings. 

The question remains: Do we believe Him? Do I believe Him? Do I see Him as the God of the Bible who did many mighty works or do I see Him as a distant, disinterested God who only cares about me when it benefits Him, or when I act just right, or when I say just the right words?

The book challenged me. I have been guilty of not trusting God to be the God He reveals Himself to be in the Bible. What would happen in my life if I just started believing Him? If I expected Him to do mighty things in my life and the lives of those around me? 

Believing God, trusting Him to work in the world around me, choosing to follow and obey Him even when I can’t understand… this is The Insanity of God.

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